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Broilers feeding regime on a 3-phase diet

Market By Sponsored Content | December 15th 2020 at 09:00:00 GMT +0300

Broiler rearing is a profitable venture whose target is to achieve the slaughter weight on the set number of days. This growth is monitored by comparing the amount of feed consumed by the corresponding weight gained known as feed conversion ratio (FCR). Unga Farm Care (EA) Ltd. manufactures both 2-phase (Fugo Fast Gro) and 3-phase (Fugo Fast Gro Advanced) broiler diets based on the intended growth rates of the broilers.

In this article we will highlight the feeding regime for a 3-phase (Fugo Fast Gro Advanced) broiler diet that has a better overall performance. Upon broiler chick arrival at the poultry unit, feed and water should be available for immediate intake while the right brooding temperature set for chicks’ comfort.

Fugo Fast Gro Advanced Starter Crumbs is fed from 0-10 days. It provides balanced nutrients that support the proper development of strong chicks’ internal organs and a target weight of up to 193 grams by Day 7.  With this feed, the cumulative consumption for the 10 days is approximately 0.3Kg feed/bird.

Fugo Fast Gro Advanced Grower Pellets is introduced at Day 11 and fed until Day 24. The nutrients balance in this diet at this stage focusses on the broiler strong framework development to support the expected rapid weight gain. This is also the stage where there is a transition from providing heat during brooding to full broiler house occupancy for better ventilation. The birds approximately will have consumed 1.27Kgs feed/bird during this period (Day 11-24).

Fugo Fast Gro Advanced Finisher Pellets is then given from Day 25 until the set slaughter day. The birds are expected to have attained 2.2Kgs/bird by Day 35 having consumed approximately 1.79Kgs feed/bird. Rapid weight gains (heat generation) are expected during this period therefore all farm management measures should focus in ensuring better ventilation in the broiler house.

Feed introduction through the different stages should be gradual and done within a period of 3-days. For example when introducing Grower pellets, the feed mix should include, Day 11 (75% Starter, 25% Grower), Day 12 (50% Starter, 50% Grower), Day 13 (25% Starter, 75% Grower), Day 14 (100% Grower). Same applies when introducing the Finisher Pellets. This gradual transition gives the broilers an easy start to the new diet phase.

Water consumption in a broiler bird is related to the amount of feed consumed at a ratio (1.8-2:1). Water quality therefore is an important aspect of broiler rearing that influences growth rates. The use of Selko-pH (blend of organic acids) in the drinking water improves water quality, promotes protein digestion, and ensures a good gut microbial balance. We recommend the use of Vigosine in periods of broilers stress. All these benefits lead to better feed conversion ratio (FCR) during the broiler rearing period which indicates the level of broiler management at the farm.

The faster weight gain expectations in the 3-phase diet ensures better returns in the broiler rearing venture.

Unga Farm Care (EA) Ltd. is committed to offer technical support and trainings to poultry farmers across the Country. We remain the market leaders in animal nutrition expertise in the region with international linkages to give our farmer the best and consistent nutritional products.


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