The World Bank states that to meet Kenya’s rising demand for food and to alleviate poverty in agricultural areas, technology must be at the forefront of all agricultural practices. To do this, small scale farmers ought to utilize agri-tech as a way to increase and contemporize their production, which in turn increases income.

Herein, are 5 agricultural apps that stand to swing the pendulum in favour of low income farmers. These apps are set to foster economic growth and efficiency in agriculture.

  1. Mkulima Young

Fashioned as an online market place for farmers, Mkulima Young is an app developed by a farmer and run by a team of digital entrepreneurship experts. A quick look at the app displays a wide array of agricultural products, marketed by farmers to other farmers and consumers. Products such as crude honey, fish and even pigs are easily discernible on the page.

  1. MyFugo

MyFugo brands itself as a farmer’s financial services app. On the app’s LinkedIn profile, the creators of the app explain that the sole purpose of the app is to help dairy farmers procure dairy cows by providing low cost loans. The app also facilitates the use of a mobile-based software and cow collar hardware to assist farmers in animal health monitoring as well as reproductive management.

  1. Mbegu Choice

With data consolidated from trusted seed companies such as KALRO, Mbegu Choice helps farmers arrive at the best variety of seeds to plant in line with their needs. By answering a few questions, the app is able to suggest the most suitable variety for you. The questions look to ascertain the weather conditions, location of the farmer, special properties such as cooking time and drought tolerant varieties. With the app therefore, farmers are able to make the right seed choices every planting season, sparing them the despair of trial and error.

  1. Soko Yetu

With Twiga’s Soko Yetu Mobile App, the diverse assortment of agricultural products from vending farmers is availed to the retailers’ fingertips, allowing them to shop and have it delivered to their doorstep within 24 hours. Currently, the app flaunts 4,000 suppliers and at least 35,000 vendors. The biggest problem that the app continues to solve for farmers is providing adequate market security for both farmers and vendors.

  1. FarmKenya App

Save the best for last they said, and I sure did! FarmKenya has long been known as a vital app in regard to all agricultural information. And for good reason. Equipped with the latest agricultural news, the app serves as the light at a farmer’s feet, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their profession. Similarly, our expert veterinarians and agronomists constantly update the app with crucial information to guide the farmer. An initiative of The Standard Media Group, the FarmKenya app and website have fast become a trusted household products.

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