Have you ever considered keeping bees?

07th Feb, 2020

Some of the bee hives hung at Twala Tenebo Cultural Women in Ilpolei area within Laikipia North. Jacinta Mutura, Standard

Keeping bees comes in as a viable option for people keen to make an extra coin through sell of honey. It takes four to six months for honey to mature.

Apart from farmers earning more profits by manufacturing honey products they can also benefit from this kind of farming through:


Beeswax is used to manufacture various products like candles, soap and skin cares and lip balms. The colour and quality of beeswax determine its price. Light-coloured wax is highly valued than dark coloured wax. You can ensure it is coloured by exposing it to the sun and make sure it does not melt.

Bee pollen

It is a pellet of field-gathered flower pollen stored in brood cells, mixed with saliva and sealed with a drop of honey. Bee pollen contains vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. They have health benefits like boosting liver health, speed up healing, reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, used as an antioxidant, relieve inflammation and used as a dietary supplement.


It has a medicinal value to treat sores, act as an antioxidant and boosting immunity. It is also manufacturing of car wax, chewing gums and cosmetics.

Pollination services

Bees are the main insect pollinators. They collect nectar and pollen from flowers to feed their entire colonies. The process of collecting nectar leads to spreading pollen from flower to flower is known as pollination. Without pollination, plants cannot produce.

Many farmers would pay to have hives temporarily relocated to their fields. These practices happen mostly in California and Texas. A beekeeper can use this as an opportunity to earn by providing the pollination services to sunflower and almond farmers.

Starter hive or replacement bees

New bee farmers will always need a starter hive that will later start reproducing its own colonies to fill other hives. You can start this business to help those venturing in the business to acquire starter hives from you.

Beekeeping is a business venture that does not require much capital to start up and the returns are very promising. It does not take a lot of your time making you engage it with other business.?

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