How to transition into a new career (Photo: iStock)

One of the most exciting yet challenging things in a professional career is transitioning into a new job.

When you feel this need for change, it isn’t necessarily related to a fancier title or more money, but your inner voice whispering that you could do more, be more, experience and achieve more.

A career transition isn’t just about doing something different but it involves a lifestyle redesign. You will have to rethink how you want to feel at the end of the day, how you want to spend your time, and how this relates to your long-term goals.

Whether it is a promotion in the same environment or in a completely new environment it is normal to feel anxious or overwhelmed.

The pressure around new responsibilities can make you second guess your capabilities and whether you made the right decision that is why a few tips that will help you have a smooth transition:

Anticipate challenges


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The first few weeks or months of any new job are always difficult. However, if you anticipate and prepare for the challenges ahead, your transition into the new organization or role can be much smoother.

Be prepared to adjust

A new job means a new environment and new responsibilities. Things that you might have taken for granted in your old job will all be different when you first start your role.

To help guide you, make a plan on what you need to achieve every week and also allocate yourself some time off work to breathe.

Don’t be afraid to learn

No doubt you will be keen to impress and show that you are intelligent, competent and capable to perform the duties you have been assigned to. However, don’t let this get in the way of your learning.

The first few weeks are a time to listen, learn and absorb all that you can to enable you to carry out your new role effectively.

Consider mentorship

If it is possible, request a colleague to mentor you on moving. That is a good way of learning from an experienced peer.

Have fun

Finally, have fun. Embrace everything that is thrown at you, wear a smile and try and make the best impression possible. Also, do not forget to create time for yourself.