Reasons you are bloated (Photo: iStock)

When you're bloated, your stomach will feel fuller, firmer and a bit more stretched than usual, which is normally caused by excess gas. Depending on the severity, you might also experience other symptoms such as excess farting, burping and in some extreme cases pain and diarrhoea.

Generally, bloating isn't always a cause for alarm although sometimes it can be a sign that you need to go for a check-up urgently. If you realize that you're constantly feeling bloated, here are some reasons and solutions:

You are sensitive to certain foods

One common cause of bloating is food intolerance. That means your body might struggle to digest certain foods easily which then causes excess gas in the gut.

For you, it might be sensitivity to dairy products or even foods and drinks that contain caffeine. You can track what you eat or drink right before you start to feel bloated so you can know what exactly triggers the symptoms.

You might be overeating


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Constantly overeating doesn't just cause health issues. It can slow down your daily functioning by triggering problems like chronic bloating.

When you overeat, you are overworking your digestive system and forcing it to handle what it normally shouldn't. A simple solution is to eat the right portion sizes for your body to maintain a healthy weight and eliminate chronic bloating.

You are eating foods that cause a lot of gas

There are also foods and drinks that naturally cause bloating. A common category is carbonated drinks such as sodas, as well as foods that contain a lot of processed sugars like baked goods and candy.

Besides these unhealthy options, there are also plenty of healthy foods that can trigger bloating like beans and peas.

Find better alternatives when it comes to the unhealthy options that cause bloating, then maybe moderately consume the healthy options if the discomfort is unbearable.

You are stressed

It's no surprise that our emotional well-being can have a major impact on our bodies physically. Stress and anxiety can cause our digestive systems to function slower than usual, and the result of that is digestive problems such as bloating.

It's true that many of us are constantly stressed and this might be your case as well, which is why you're always bloated.

You could find ways of dealing with that stress like reaching out to a counsellor or embracing healthy coping mechanisms that could help you feel more relaxed.

You might have a serious condition

In cases where there is an underlying medical problem, treatment is absolutely necessary. Some of the conditions that cause chronic bloating are Irritable Bowel Syndrome, gynaecological illnesses and even bowel blockages and obstructions which require urgent treatment.

You might be able to know you need to go for a check-up if you're experiencing more severe symptoms such as vomiting and severe pain.

You should also know that being bloated every day isn't normal so if you're noticing that you bloating it's not connected to the food you eat, periods or any other lifestyle habit like smoking, you should seek medical attention urgently.

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