Have you ever thought deeply about your friends, who may or may not be in your life? Have you rated your ability to make good friends? Have they been loyal or backstabbers?
By Ciku Kimani-Mwaniki Mar. 31, 2023
Friends, like family, play a very vital role in your existence, and you should never consider a life without them
I don’t know about other black people, but black tax is not an obligation, in my opinion. It is an honour, to pass it forward. Do you agree?
By Ciku Kimani-Mwaniki Apr. 7, 2023
Having children is a lifetime commitment that will put a strain on your finances, emotions, and even your physical health
As a parent, it is your duty to love and raise your children the best way you see fit, but away from your nest, can they manage independently?
There is constructive and negative gossip. A good session of gossip about someone who, for instance, has achieved something phenomenal, can leave you feeling inspired
By Ciku Kimani-Mwaniki May. 30, 2023
Chivalry is not dead, some people claim. Women (like me) are killing chivalry, for misinterpreting good men’s intentions, or are we?
By Ciku Kimani-Mwaniki Jun. 2, 2023