Many of us are guilty of staying with makeup products for months or even years without replacing them, but doing so carries a number of risks
The working lady can hardly find time to make her hair with our hectic schedules and short deadlines, but with these hairstyles, that shouldn't be an issue anymore
For you to be happy with your outfits, you have to understand how to dress according to your body and equip yourself with some wardrobe hacks too
Whether you agree or disagree, the fact is, modesty is very empowering, especially in today’s world where trends are getting skimpier by the day
A sunburn may only be temporary, but it can still be extremely painful, with blisters and swollen skin
Your outfit won't likely stand out if you don't have the right shoes, so in case you're wondering which ones to buy, here is a list
Have you ever seen those video titles that say 'easy makeup tutorial' only for it to have a million steps? That happens regularly, but by using this technique, you can hack it
There are some basic steps that should apply to most people whether it’s a night routine or a morning routine
Would you like to know why body boosters are so popular? Why they continue to thrive even with the numerous criticisms?
Did you know that having a skin care regimen isn’t just for women? Men too need to have one to enjoy all the benefits that come with it
Skin Care
By Esther Muchene Nov. 10, 2022
Finding the perfect nail polish for you may seem like a lot of work, but once you've done it, there is no going back and no stopping your style
When something doesn’t look right, we tend to stare and if people stare a little too much, you need to reconsider how you put your makeup
We all love gel manicures, but when it comes to maintaining them or taking them off, most of us get a little lazy and unwittingly make mistakes which end up damaging our nails
Turmeric is not only great for spicing your food, but it's also amazing for your skin care. Scientists have found that its active ingredient, curcumin, has many amazing beauty benefits
Every year, celebs go all out for Halloween, and this year was no exception as they embraced the spooktacular season
Chamas have morphed into these big social gatherings where women are now bringing their fashion A game. So why should you be left behind?
If you have tried facial and hair masks you should know by now that they work and yield promised results. Additionally, armpit masks ought to be a part of your beauty regimen
Finding that perfect hairdresser is every girl’s dream. Many of us have hopped from one hairdresser to another over the years, and are still searching for a good one
Given that long nails are now trendy and have a certain feminine appeal, you are sure to encounter at least one or two women with them. But how clean are they really?
After a long week of work and busy schedules, the last thing you want to do on your off day is to wash your clothes
Did you know that eight out of ten women wear the wrong bra? Shopping may seem fun but for some reason, bra shopping is a nightmare for most ladies
Finding something to wear can still be challenging because your body proportions are changing. If you’re looking for some ideas that can upgrade your style, here are a few
As much as we love our natural hair, we have to be realistic about some of the struggles that come with this hair type
Just like every other part of your outfit, the watch comes with its own set of rules. And getting one that looks right is more than just buying the first watch that grabs your attention
Fashion Tips
By Esther Muchene Oct. 11, 2022
Leaders purposefully choose their clothing in order to shape the way they appear- Tips on how to dress professionally for leadership
By Lynette Otwori Oct. 6, 2022
Timeless pieces that you should absolutely own to up your style game
Fashion Tips
By Esther Muchene Sep. 26, 2022
Year in, year out, the blazer has stood the test of time. Here's how to work one like a style guru
Fashion Tips
By Esther Muchene Sep. 22, 2022
Below is the list of five trending shoes that you should already have in your collection
Having a capsule wardrobe ensures that you save a whole lot of time and money in planning and picking outfits
Although most clothing items can last for decades, that’s no excuse to be walking around in shapeless or torn underwear
Looking well put together does not end with a good outfit and makeup. The right fragrance will also elevate your style effortlessly
“I have been suffering from acne for the longest time since I was in like form two, that was in 2015. Oh my God! That was seven years ago”
We all have those subsections of items in our closet we don’t use but won’t get rid of either, it’s time to clean it up
If you’re new to this hair world, extensions, wigs and weaves can be overwhelming especially when you have to spot a genuine product from a fake
There are many fashion basics that women are always advised to have in their closets. Of them all, you cannot do without the infamous little black dress
Long or short, there is no denying the fact that we all want healthy and strong hair. Luckily for you, these foods will make your work much easier
By Eve Writer Sep. 6, 2022
Chances are that you’ve spotted lots of stylish women pairing their outfits in matching colours. Or you’ve seen all those pretty two-piece sets that are selling like hotcakes
We all love long lashes but applying them? Not so much, especially if you’re a rookie. But with these easy steps, you will be able to apply falsies like a pro
Given how difficult it may be to take off falsies at home because water alone won't dissolve the glue, it's understandable why many women choose to forego this important makeup step
Getting a good night's sleep might be the therapy you need after a long, draining day. It is also crucial for your general health as it boosts heart health and impacts your weight
Once upon a time, if you mentioned cosmetic surgery to someone, it would attract a lot of negative talk and judgement. But today, it is no longer a taboo topic
Not too long ago while on a live Instagram session, singer Doja Cat shaved off her head and eyebrows saying she just doesn’t like to have hair
By Peris Wambugu Aug. 23, 2022
With the sun finally gracing us with its presence, finally! It's time to bring out the eyeglasses to play. Check out the vast range of aesthetics and silhouettes available
Fashion And Beauty
By Aug. 20, 2022
In your search for the best skincare ingredients, you might have come across arbutin, known for brightening skin, fading dark spots, and reducing hyperpigmentation
Skin Care
By Aug. 20, 2022
Even though weddings are when most people want to flaunt their outfits, there are some fashion rules you should be aware of
Fashion And Beauty
By Aug. 19, 2022
When we think of acne, we often define it as a skin condition that affects the facial area. What many don’t realise is that acne affects your scalp too
By Phares Mutembei Aug. 17, 2022
Many people feel embarrassed about having dark knuckles. It might seem like a minor issue to be worried about but it can affect how you feel about yourself
Skin Care
By Oscar Obonyo Aug. 16, 2022
‘The makeup-no makeup’ look is the ultimate go-to now and it has officially become a classic
From Lupita, Beyonce, Gabrielle Union, to Halle Berry, it looks like black female celebrities have found the fountain of truly ageless skin
When it comes to stocking your bag essentials, everyone has their own unique way of doing it, but it wouldn’t be complete without these five items