Sweet, velvety peaches (Photo: iStock)

Plums and apricots have one more sibling in their family known as the peach fruit, referred to as Prunus persica by scientists. Peaches have a round or slightly flattened shape. Their skin is velvety and the colour ranges from yellow to orange to red depending on the variety.

Its flesh, which is either yellow or white, encases a large hard stone at the centre. Several varieties of peaches have different textures, flavours and colours. The popular ones include freestone, clingstone and white peaches.

The yellow-fleshed peaches are more tart compared to the white ones which have a sweet taste. These fruits are not only cultivated for their flavour but also for their health benefits. They contain fibre that aids in digestion.

Studies have shown that peach flower also helps achieve a healthy gut. If you want to have smooth healthy skin, try consuming peaches because they contain vitamin C which plays a role in collagen production, promoting healthy skin and wound healing.

These delicious fruits can be eaten fresh as a snack, grilled, baked, preserved, or blended into smoothies, purees, or used to flavour cocktails.