Boon for 3,000 technical college trainers in PSC promotions

Principals listen attentively during the Kenya Association of Technical Training Institutions capacity building workshop at Flamingo Beach Hotel in Mombasa. May 3, 2023. [Omondi Onyango,Standard]

At least 3,000 trainers and heads of technical training institutions have been promoted by the Public Service Commission (PSC).

They had stagnated in the same job groups for a long time before PSC intervened.

Mr Elicanah Mosiori, director and head of human resource management in charge of Technical Vocational Education and Training at PSC, the promotions started in January this year.

But Mosiori said the highest grade that trainers with diplomas can earn was Job Group N. In the new changes, some TVET principals have been promoted to Job Group S, the highest grade in the public service.

Mr Mosiori said that he had 900 promotions on his desk to sign, and urged those who felt left out to present their data afresh to PSC.

The director was speaking at the Kenya Association of Technical Training Institutions (Katti) conference held at Pride Inn Flamingo Beach Resort in Mombasa.

The state department of Tvet promoted several trainers, including those transferred from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to the Public Service Commission, whose progression in the public service had stagnated.

"If you send data to TSC, you are advised to present it afresh to PSC because TSC has not transferred your files to us. Those promoted are still picking their letters and currently, there are 900 on my desk," he explained.

The conference, whose theme is "Building leadership capacity in Tvet institutions for accelerated youth empowerment" was attended by Tvet principals and their deputies.

It was opened on Tuesday by the Tvet Principal Secretary Dr Esther Muoria and will end on May 6.

Yesterday, Mosiori pledged to assess data for trainers and push for the promotion of those whose files have no issues, adding that several trainers were lucky to have been promoted to Job Group S.

"Many trainers miss their rightful positions because of ignorance," he said, adding that the department was thinking of developing a new scheme of service where trainers can grow.

The trainers urged the director and PSC to push for responsibility allowance for principals and their deputies in Tvet institutions, similar to their counterparts in TSC.

"We will consult with the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) on the issue of responsibility allowance in Tvet institutions," Mr Mosiori said.

He said that trainers who were transferred from TSC enjoyed hardship allowance while a decision needs to be made on such benefits for the other lot that was later deployed to Tvets.

The principals and deputies are being trained on the Competency-Based Education and Training (CBET) curriculum implementation in Tvet institutions, human resource management, procurement and audit, among other topics. On Tuesday, the Tvet heads said that their institutions were grappling with a deficit of Sh4.7 billion in capitation and hence weighed down with an accumulation of debts. [Patrick Beja]

Katti chairman David Mwangi said they have not received capitation for the third and fourth quarters and may be forced to postpone sports and other activities.

"On the issue of capitation, principals are not comfortable. They cannot sit in their offices because their institutions have incurred debts," he noted.