CS Malonza heckled by Kitui mourners for defending high cost of living

Cabinet Secretary Peninah Malonza

A video of one of the cabinet secretaries in President William Ruto’s regime being heckled by the audience has emerged online.

In the one-minute thirty-second video, East African Community, ASALs, and Regional Development Cabinet Secretary Peninah Malonza found it difficult to speak to the people of Kitui County.

A spot-check by Standard Digital shows that Malonza was speaking during the funeral of a veteran journalist, Musungu Kyumbe in the Chuluni area of Kitui East.

The crowd was seemingly angered by Malonza when she said the president was working tirelessly to lower the cost of living, a statement that did not sit right with the mourners.

"The cost of living is very high, even the President understands that. That is why you see him going abroad to borrow money because we found empty coffers. But he is making sure that the cost of living will go down," she said, sending the crowd into rants and heckles.

"My friends, kindly allow me to finish what I want to say. Let me finish so that you do not snatch this microphone from me," said CS Malonza.

Her efforts to continue with the presentation made the crowd angrier.

Her address came after local leaders addressed the mourners, all expressing their discontent at the high cost of living mostly owing to the high cost of living.