No miniskirt or skimpy dress in Embu assembly

Nominated MCA Judy Mbuya. [Joseph Muchiri]

Embu Speaker Josiah Thiriku has prohibited miniskirts, tight leggings and any clad that can be considered indecent at the Assembly.

Mr Thiriku directed that Members of County Assembly would only be allowed to conduct legislative business if dressed appropriately.

In the directive read on his behalf by temporary Speaker Nathan Mwari, the Speaker added that decent African dressing for men and women, as well as Islamic attire for male ward reps, would also be allowed into the Assembly. He, however, said the religious regalia must be worn inside a formal jacket.

“All MCAs will henceforth only dress in official skirt or trouser suit, shirt, trouser and formal shoes. Any casual clothing, while attending assembly plenary or committee sittings, will not be allowed,” directed the Speaker.

The Speaker said the precedence was borrowed from a ruling made by former National Assembly Speaker Francis ole Kaparo after the dressing of MPs at the National Assembly became questionable and needed addressing.

Ruled out of order

Last week, Nominated MCA Judy Mbuya was ruled out of order by temporary Speaker Phillip Nzangi for wearing a dress her colleagues felt was indecent.

Some MCAs said her dressing exposed her lower abdomen and part of her backside, causing her to keep pulling it up to cover up exposed body parts. In the process, they claimed, she caused a lot of physical discomfort to her colleagues.

Anxiety built up after nominated MCA Margaret Lorna Kariuki demanded that Mr Nzangi leaves his seat and proceed to feel the texture of the trousers to determine whether the material was indeed denim jeans as alleged.

Ms Kariuki said the Sergeant-at-Arms was also free to touch the skin-hugging trousers, but no one accepted calls to pat the MCA.

“Mr Speaker some of my counterparts are too uncomfortable even to stand to contribute to House debate. The offending MCA should be sent out of the Assembly chambers,” said Kyeni North MCA Salesio Kimaru, who quickly walked out of the chamber, even as he denied he was uncomfortable.

Thiriku said the new order was expected to end the debacles experienced in the past regarding the dressing of some MCAs.

“Members of the public who sit in the gallery will now also have to be assessed by the Sergeant-at-Arms for verification whether they are properly dressed,” he said.