Video of Mombasa man setting himself on fire startles Kenyans

Kenyans on social media have been startled after a video of a man setting himself on fire in Mwembe Tayari area, Mombasa County emerged online.

In the 43-second recording, the man was captured pouring on himself liquid suspected to be flammable before setting himself ablaze.

He was standing on a block in the middle of a busy road, as bystanders watched and others scrambled to capture the moment on their phones.

After setting himself on fire, he fell from the raised surface he was standing on, to the ground, eliciting emotional reactions from those who were watching.

Unestablished reports indicate that the said man is an engineering student in one of the institutions of higher learning in the coastal city.

Others argue that he opted to take that action in protests of the harsh economic challenges facing millions of Kenyans.

Sources say he is currently undergoing treatment at the Coast General Hospital.

The police are yet to comment on the incident.