Are you ageing gracefully?

With age comes wisdom and experience and your older years should be the best years of your life. [iStockPhoto]

Growing old is part of life. Realising you cannot move as fast as you used to, or your body no longer handles certain foods anymore, can bring up a lot of emotions. The grey hairs do not help either but that does not mean that ageing represents decline.

Quite the opposite. With age comes wisdom and experience and your older years should be the best years of your life. However, this is true to some degree if we make certain assumptions.

For starters, how financially secure are you? If money is still a challenge, ageing may be stressful especially when you compare where you are and where your peers are at in life.

That aside, ageing gracefully is about ageing well. It is about enjoying a certain quality of life that includes prioritising your mental, emotional and physical health.

It is about finding and doing things that matter most and bringing joy to our lives. You cannot control everything and certain things are inevitable. What you do about it is what will make the difference.

Take regular exercise for instance. This physical activity is important for your overall well-being. It will keep your mind and body active, you will be able to maintain a certain physique, sleep well and be in a much better position to handle stress.

Once you hit the golden years, 50's and above, it is important to pay your doctor regular visits for check-ups. This will help you stay on top of your health game and prevent any illness before it starts or gets worse.

If you notice any changes in your body or pain, it is important to communicate with your doctor. Do not ignore those signs just because you are still in your 20s or 40s. And if you find yourself needing more rest, sleep.

Do not buy into the myth that you need less sleep as you get older. Listen to your body cues and go with the flow. Being a night owl will eventually catch up with you.

Enjoy your naps and sleep until your body is well rested so you can be able to function at optimum and be in a good mood.

That will contribute towards having a positive mindset. Enjoy the transition from one age to the next and take it as a blessing. Many people would have done anything to be your age so embrace it and live life to the fullest no matter how old you are.