The Kabus' picture perfect home

Connecting with nature is ingrained in Sarah and Simon Kabus' DNA. The founders of Bonfire Safaris are an inspiration, and showcasing their home and giving us a glimpse of their mansion is exciting.

On my day of the visit, Sarah was tending to her garden. "We do not buy vegetables and eggs," she said.

Simon was watering the plants. He said about 200 birds venture into his home early in the morning to feed.

It is a sight to behold, just to watch them sing, drink water and eat from the bird trough that the Kabus created for the birds.

Their lush garden is brimming with blooms, indigenous vegetables, exotic fruits, a chicken coop trough, and a modern gazebo. The swinging chairs stole my heart.

After the garden tour, Sarah ushered me into their five-bedroomed haven. The first thing that strikes you when you enter is the opulent interior, grounded by the soothing, neutral bright, airy, and impeccably decorated space.

The cladded wall at the entry is urban chic. You cannot miss the ornate gilt framed mirror, white hallway fitted cabinets with luxurious lampshades, a console table, and two cute little drums that match the animal faux paper print paper, either.

Each wall, from floor to ceiling, is a piece of art and has a distinctive character. The effects are magical. The stunning gypsum focal wall doubles up as the entertainment unit, with humongous television and a modern remarkable fireplace.

Sea-themed treasures are placed on the gypsum wall, and an aquarium mounted on the wall imparts a coastal charm. The cladded wall gives the space depth and texture, and the accent wall with faux textured print covering gives it a safari look. No wonder they are in the travel industry!

The wooden floor and cream, lush carpet is inviting and creates warmth. The gypsum ceiling and crystal chandeliers in the living and dining areas are a fabulous splendour.

French dining table and chairs, exquisite cutlery, exotic candle stands, and table decorations stand out in the open kitchen with a white and black marble backsplash.

The chic white sink-in sofas and embellished white cushions are splendid. The glass table's artistic accessories, and a majestic piano, are at the corner of the home, making the space visually appealing and cosy.

Classy and elegant, the cellar tucked in the corner looks pretty. Simon informs me that that is his corner, and it is where he calms his nerves after a day of hard work.

"I wanted luxe aesthetic interiors; when I was in my 20s we wanted to relocate to Europe. When it did not work out; we infused our discerning taste in decor and design to give our space a feeling of being in Europe," said Sarah.

The Kabu's Kids' Club wall is beautifully decorated with Finding Nemo and Mickey Mouse wall coverings, adding liveliness to the room. "This is where the children study and play. We also enjoy massages, it helps to relax when relaxing with the children," said Simon.

The TV room, which is upstairs, embraces a coastal setting, the room exudes luxury and tranquillity. The white sophisticated sofas, pretty sea-themed paintings, a gypsum ceiling, a stunning crystal chandelier, and a gypsum wall adorned with coastal treasures, are breathtaking. This place epitomises contemporary.

Sarah has beautiful taste. Her daughter's room is beguiling. It is like walking into a fantasy: pink gypsum walls with pink and purple butterflies for maximum dramatic effect, floral bed coverings a grey headboard, pink curtains, and purple sheers exude fresh, cool fairy-tale picture-perfect.

Tip: You can create a seamless harmony between your outdoor and indoor living by making your outdoors functional and relaxing.

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