MCAs' and MPs' sitting allowances, car grants abolished

Kenya's National Assembly. [File, Standard]

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) has abolished car grants and sitting allowances for Members of Parliament, Senators and Members of County Assembly (MCAs).

The revised structure takes effect on August 9, 2022, the SRC said on Thursday, July 28 during a press conference at the Sarova Stanley in Nairobi.

"We are not targeting MPs and MCAs. They are the only public officers who get sitting allowances," SRC Chairperson Lyn Mengich said.

Only sitting allowances have been withdrawn and not committee allowances.

The 67 Senators and 349 MPs (nominated ones included), who will assume office after the upcoming general election, will therefore join the House without the perks that were being enjoyed by their predecessors.

Each parliamentary session attracted a Sh5,000 sitting allowance, which will be abolished in the 13th Parliament.

Commissioner Nelly Ashubwe said they have a strong case should the new legislators file a lawsuit to challenge SRC's decision.

"The incoming MPs are coming in on a new contract, not a continuous contract so they will have no grounds to take us to court," Ashubwe stated.

The commission, in its findings, reviewed salaries for the Financial years 2021/22, and 2024/25.

"The review took into account Kenya's economic performance for the financial years 2020/2021-2021/2022, as well as affordability and fiscal sustainability."

Currently, a committee chairperson gets Sh15,000 per sitting before tax, a vice-chairperson gets Sh10,000, while a member gets Sh8,000.

There are at least 2,224 MCAs (nominated ones included), who will now lose out on the sitting allowances (Sh5,000 each) and car grants.

Each of the 416 MPs is currently entitled to a minimum monthly salary of between Sh621,250 and Sh710,000.

Under the new SRC review, MCAs will earn a gross salary of Sh144, 375.

"The monthly remuneration is fixed for the term of office for the State officer in the County Assembly unless reviewed and set by the SRC," a gazette notice read.

MCAs who sit in committees will be paid as follows: Chairperson-Sh6,500 per sitting up to a maximum of Sh104,000 per month, Vice-Chairperson-Sh5,200 per sitting up to a maximum of Sh83,200 per month, and member- Sh3,900 per sitting up to a maximum of Sh62,400 per month.

In February 2021, MCAs were allowed a Sh2 million car grant that attracted a 30 per cent tax. The grants were part of efforts by the government to entice them to pass the Building Bridges Initiative Bill in the county assemblies.