George Wajackoyah drops F-bomb, mocks two-horse race narrative

Roots Party presidential candidate Professor George Wajackoyah. [File, Standard]

Roots Party presidential candidate Prof George Wajackoyah dropped an F-bomb on Sunday night during an interview with KTN’s Jesse Rogers when taken to task over his weed manifesto amid claims that he is a 'government project'.

The foul response came after Prof Wajackoyah, a fervent advocate of cannabis economics, who according to the latest TIFA poll is preferred by 4 per cent of voters, was asked by Rodgers to clear assertions by DP William Ruto that he was a state-sponsored project, 'parachuted’ to scuttle Kenya Kwanza votes.

Wajackoyah said the DP, who is Kenya Kwanza Alliance leader with a popularity of 39 per cent according to the report by TIFA, is a master of double speak with a knack for expressing verbal disrespect against opponents.

“Are you being parachuted?” Posed Rogers.

“He [Ruto] thinks that he comes from a place where he is worshipped by those who follow him. Yesterday, I, actually, told him off. He has no respect for other people. He keeps on abusing Odinga. I will never abuse Raila myself. Let him not try me because I am not his age mate. I am not going to joke with Ruto. Why would he say that I was parachuted? What the **** is that?” said Wajackoyah.

Apologising for using the expletive, Wajackoyah refuted claims that he has warmed up to his poll rival Odinga. This is after he called on Kenyans, while on the campaign trail in Kisumu, to vote in favour of the Azimio la Umoja presidential candidate should they not consider him for the presidency.

“There is a problem in this country; There is a problem with Ruto and his cohorts, and there is also a problem with Odinga and his cohorts. I came out of nowhere. First of all, they disregarded me completely the way Barack Obama was done in 2008. They made a huge mistake by looking down upon me. They did not know what I was doing at the grassroots,” he said.

According to the Roots leader, the two front runners for the 2022 contest, Odinga and Ruto - according to TIFA, are deflecting attention away from notions that their presidential election campaigns are ‘state projects’.

“Odinga is a government project. Ruto is a project within a project – within the government. I am a project of the people. Lies that I was parachuted e.t.c., are signs of defeat… Raila is a good man because I know and have been with him in London. I am here and he is pushing me forward; I am going to be the president and he will be there at State House. There is nothing wrong with that,” said Wajackoyah.

He clarified that the parallel unveiling of his manifesto on June 30 at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) was not a ploy to steal the limelight from Ruto.

“I was to fly out to see my grandson in Spain. Because of that, we were to launch the manifesto on July 30 but, unfortunately, fell ill when I was about to leave and couldn’t go. I thought it was Covid-19, cancelled my flight and went for a checkup,” said Wajackoyah.

Adding, “Let them not panic; I am a nobody. I have a mouth and people are heeding what I say. Who is Ruto? Does he have a basket of people that he created to be following him? Who is Raila? Does he have a monopoly to be the president? I am a man like these people. Trust me, I will trounce them on the election date.”

The lawyer went on to frown upon comparisons to other fringe candidates in past elections such as former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth and Mohamed Abduba Dida, who he said will form his cabinet should he win the August 9 poll.

“How do you compare me with Abduba Dida? He is my friend and is currently in Minnesota. I am going to the US on Tuesday and will reach out to say hello and ask him to join my cabinet. Peter Kenneth is Peter Kenneth. I have respect for these two people. The media, and idlers who are equating me to them will be shocked,” he said.

In a twist, Wajackoyah remained non-committal on whether or not he will attend the Presidential Debate slated for July 26 over claims of plans to split the top four contenders into two groups.

Wajackoyah said he would only participate in the debate if it is conducted on the same podium.

“We are four presidential candidates. What is wrong with all of us being on the same podium? I have credible information that the organisers will hold a mini poll so that they can pair Raila and Ruto, and then me and Waihiga Mwaure,” said Wajackoyah.

“I respect Mwaure; he is a very educated lawyer who has won so many cases in this country. He is a very senior lawyer whose wife is a judge. If they do that, Mwaure will be on his own – I will not go. They are degrading me and Mwaure. Is he, and myself, the remnants of society?”