George Wajackoyah: I will be an economic dictator


Roots Party Presidential candidate George Wajackoyah during the launch of his manifesto at KICC. [Samson Wire, Standard]


Roots Party Presidential candidate George Wajackoyah now says he will conduct economic dictatorship if he wins the August 9 polls.

Wajackoyah said such economic dictatorship will play a key role in transforming the country.

Speaking on KTN News, Wajackoyah whose campaign methods have been described as unconventional said he wants to secure a win first.

“I want to be sincere with Kenyans and tell them that the first one hundred days will be difficult. This is because I will be inheriting a government which is bankrupt, debt-ridden and burdened by a lot of issues,” he said.

According to him, his focus is therefore to enter that episode first then while in the presidency, he will figure out the next move.

He compared his economic administration method with that of Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame.

“The human rights violation I will not adopt, but economic dictatorship. You have to put discipline in people the same way the late John Michuki did and probably Simeon Nyachae. Economic dictatorship helps, and I can tell Kenyans that I will be a dictator as far as the economy of this country is concerned,” he said.

Wajackoyah who launched his manifesto on the same day as Deputy President William Ruto also said there were other reasons behind what was described as a clash that day.

Ruto in a town hall interview alleged that Wajackoyah had been parachuted, so that they share the ‘screen,’.

“I am a project of the people. I was due to leave the country for Spain on July 1, so we decided to launch our manifesto on June 30 before I leave. Unfortunately, I fell sick and had to cancel my flight,” he said.

He went ahead to defend his ten-point manifesto which focuses on legalisation of marijuana, commercialization of snake farming, exporting dog meat among others, ideas that have received mixed reactions.

To him, he does not advocate for the use of marijuana for recreation but only for commercial and medicinal use.

He said once in the presidency, he would come up with effective policies that will guide on how the farming would be implemented.