Woman speeds off with man's car while he was relieving himself in bush

The car that the suspect allegedly stole from the 68-year-old man. [Anthony Gitonga, Standard]

Police in Naivasha, Nakuru County are looking for a youthful woman accused of stealing a 68-year-old man’s car.

The suspect sped off with the man’s car while he was relieving himself on the roadside on their way to Naivasha from Mai Mahiu.

The two had met at Mai Mahiu Town to finalise a land transaction, in which the woman posed as a land buyer.

On Sunday, June 12, the man, who buys and sells land, left Narok for Mai Mahiu to meet the woman.

After the meeting, the woman convinced the man to spend the night with her in Naivasha Town, saying it was too late for the elderly man to drive back to Narok, some 90 kilometres away.

The man agreed, and due to his poor night vision, he allowed the woman to drive.

On their way to Naivasha, the elderly man said he wanted to relieve himself and asked the woman to pull over.

During a short call of nature in a roadside thicket, the woman is alleged to have sped off with the man’s car, leaving him stranded on the Nakuru-Nairobi Highway.

The victim also lost Sh7,000 in cash and other personal items.

Naivasha Sub-County Police Commander Samuel Waweru confirmed the incident to The Standard, saying boda boda operators helped the stranded man file a report at Karai Police Station.

“We recorded his statement and are continuing with the search for the vehicle and the suspect,” said Waweru.

Elsewhere, police have launched investigations into the death of a middle-aged woman from Karigita Estate in Naivasha.

The victim died in hospital after she was stabbed in the chest and back on Monday, June 13.

Her boyfriend, whose whereabouts are unknown, is the prime suspect in her killing.

The victim was found lying in a pool of blood on the roadside in Karigita Estate and taken to Naivasha Sub-County Hospital, where she died during treatment.

“The victim had multiple stab wounds in the chest and back,” said area police boss Samuel Waweru.

“We are pursuing her boyfriend, the main suspect in her killing.”