Wetang'ula exudes confidence Kenya Kwanza will defeat Raila

Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetang'ula (left) receives Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka in a past rally. [Benjamin Sakwa, Standard]

Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetang'ula has said Kenya Kwanza Alliance would beat ODM leader Raila Odinga and form the next government.

Mr Wetang'ula said they are confident of trouncing Mr Odinga in the forthcoming elections despite President Uhuru Kenyatta's backing.

The Bungoma senator spoke at Bungoma Posta grounds yesterday during the launch of Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka's governor bid. Mr Lusaka has officially joined Ford Kenya.

"There is absolutely no way Raila can defeat Kenya Kwanza. Raila is a State project who is bound to fail," said Wetang'ula.

He added: "All over the world, anyone supported by a sitting president has failed and during the August 9 polls, Raila will fail terribly."

Wetang'ula also blasted the government for "applying excess force" in dealing with boda boda riders.

"The government wants to destroy the boda boda sector but has not given the riders an alternative means of earning a living. A criminal in Nairobi is not a criminal in Bungoma or Mombasa," he said.

But Lusaka avoided politics, saying he joined Ford Kenya since it has a history of redemption, equality and truth.

"We have got many parties but I chose Ford Kenya as my vehicle to recapture my seat," he said.

He added: "If you have a good tree but it has snakes and bees, if you don't cut it down, the snake will bite you and the bees can sting you to death. In my second return, I am coming to correct the mess that has been brought about by the current regime."