Jimi Wanjigi arrested after 18-hour siege, taken to Kamukunji Police Station

Police officers using sledgehammers to break into Jimi Wanjigi’s office. [Screengrab]

After 18 hours of siege by police, businessman Jimi Wanjigi came out of his Kwacha offices in Westlands, Nairobi at 5:15pm Tuesday.

He was, thereafter, bundled into a waiting police vehicle and driven to Kamukunji Police Station.

The businessman surrendered after police attempted to use sledgehammers to break into his offices, where he’d been holed from 11:30pm on Monday.

A contingent of more than 20 anti-terror and regular police officers had camped outside the tycoon’s offices, citing an arrest warrant against the businessman.

Authorities claim an illegal land deal, which Wanjigi is allegedly linked to, led to the 18-hour police action that came to a close on Tuesday evening.

Wanjigi, however, claims his political stance could have led to his woes.

The tycoon alleges that his opposition of Raila Odinga’s presidential candidature birthed his predicaments, allegations vehemently denied by Odinga’s spokesperson Dennis Onyango.

The Standard was earlier informed that disputed gun ownership might have led to the police raid.

Jimi Wanjigi’s lawyer said he had obtained a court order stopping police or the Director of Public Prosecutions from arresting or initiating any legal action against him.