How becoming a mother changes your life

1. Makes you grow up 

You start letting go of some habits and stop going to certain places. You start spending more time at home, watching your baby becomes your idea of fun. You cannot be childish yet a child has come into your life.

2. Makes you financially disciplined 
You become more responsible with money, needs increase, you have a life/ lives depending on you. You save, invest, look for the best deals.

3. Makes you more hardworking 
Your work, your business becomes a means to provide for your family; so you make calculated moves, go for the best opportunities and work hard and smart at them.

4. Makes you mindful of your words and actions 
You become aware that you are a leader in your home, that your child is listening and watching you. You want to be a good role model; you stop using curse words if you curse. No more vulgar words. You control your temper; you model the values you want your child to have.

5. Brings you and your husband/partner closer 
For some, an unplanned pregnancy separates the man and woman; but for some, planned or unplanned, it brings them closer; they look at their child and see each other, 'Look what our love has done!'.

6. Makes you value time 
Twenty four hours a day seems very little. You plan your schedules for your own things and things with your family. Balancing act and multi-tasking is required.

7. Makes you re-evaluate your friends 
With time being so precious, you want to surround yourself with friends who add value, friends you are comfortable having around your child. Whether the friends are married, single, dating, or childless; at this point in your life you want real friends or no friends at all.

8. Makes you mindful of health 
Because you want to live for longer, you become aware of how you treat your body. You follow keenly on health news, diets, diseases. You make sure your child is of good health and eat right with the home medicine cabinet and first aid kit ever stocked up.

9. Makes you plan the future 
You look into the future, one day your child will go to primary school, high school, university. You think about the future needs of your family and prepare today. You scout for your child/ children's talent and lead them to a career and cheer their natural talents.

10. Makes you value your parents more 
Being a parent makes you see how important and hard work parenthood is. You see all the things you do as a parent and it gives you a fresh perspective as to how much your parent/ s did for you. If your parent/ s were irresponsible, it pushes you to be responsible and give your child/ children a better life than what you had.

11. Makes you value God 
Seeing a life coming out of you makes you marvel at God's work. And when you watch your child grow you turn to God for help in things beyond your control. When your child is sick you become more prayerful. Being a parent becomes a testimony.

12. Makes you understand and value others in a deeper sense
As a mother you go through much with your own child(ren), be it illness, financial stretches, disappointments, just the ups and downs of life, makes you more accepting and understanding of other people's life's journey.

Thank you mothers for raising winners, champions, and game changers.