VIDEO: Over 200 people arrested for partying in a club after curfew hours

Over 200 revellers were arrested by the police on Friday night, July 24, after they were found drinking and partying at the Avery lounge in Utawala.

Police raided the nightclub and arrested 255 people who were flouting the government's social distancing directive to curb the spread of COVID-19.

According to reports, this is the third time that police raided the club and arrested culprits violating the curfew rules.

Avery lounge first came into the spotlight after 11 revellers were arrested for flouting rules on June 7 this year. A local Member of Parliament was among those arrested.

On June 20, about 200 revellers were arrested for flouting the same rules.

During the daily COVID-19 briefings, CAS Rashid Aman warned bar and pub owners that the government had not yet lifted the ban. 

"According to the restrictions that were put in place, bars and pubs remain closed. There was no lifting of that ban", stated CAS Aman.

However, two weeks after the Avery lounge was raided, the nightclub was yet again found on the wrong side of the law.

The 250 revellers will be charged on Monday, July 27, for going against the government directive on social distancing and curfew violation.

The National Authority for Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) also noted with concern that several people have now resulted in buying and drinking alcohol ever since bars were shut down.

NACADA Prof Chairperson Mabel Imbuga urged parents not to consume alcohol and drugs in their children's presence.

"While we fully support the measures taken by Government in containing the Coronavirus pandemic, we are strongly opposed to the consumption of alcohol and drugs through organized groups drinking bouts in homes in the presence of children," she added.

"We appeal to members of the public to report such cases to NACADA through our toll-free line No. 1192 or to any National Government Administration Officers," said Prof Imbuga.

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