He died while in the car - Papa Shirandula’s wife recalls his last moments

Family and friends of the late popular actor Charles Bukeko aka Papa Shirandula on Monday, July 20, gathered to lay down his body at his home in Nanderema, Samia Sub-County, Busia County.

During the burial, Bukeko’s widow, Beatrice Ebbie Andega recalled her husband’s last moments before taking his last breath.

Andega says that in the last three weeks, Bukeko would rarely go to the house as he was busy working day and night. She added that on Sunday last week, Papa Shirandula said he felt like he was really cold.

After advising his husband to go to the hospital on Monday and get tested for Pneumonia, malaria, and COVID-19, Bukeko only received his coronavirus results on Wednesday.

“He slept on Thursday… and Friday, I started observing that he was not doing well. The breathing had changed. In the morning on Saturday, I told him his condition was not good, we had to take him to the hospital.

“After I put him in the car, I went to Karen hospital. Admission was just another process. I’m telling them please; he needs support and an emergency. The time they are still preparing, he passed on when I was with him in the vehicle. He was not even admitted. He passed on seated in the car,” recalled Bukeko’s wife.

The emotional widow blamed Karen hospital for negligence after doing only one test on her husband instead of the three they had requested.

“I went and asked the doctor ‘how many tests did you carry out?’ The doctor tells me only one. I asked him why they were meant to be three. Why do you only concentrate on one?... The weather here is not conducive for our lives. Why did you omit the other two? When people come, don’t concentrate only on one disease when people are not dying of that one but the other one,” lamented Papa’s wife.