Boost for Suba North as State launches Sh20m water project

Water Secretary in the Ministry of Water Eng Samuel Alima touches a metal used to seal a water borehole. He launched the construction work for distribution of water at Min Arot Water Project in Ruri West Sub-location in Sub North Constituency. [James Omoro, Standard]

More than 5000 residents of Suba North constituency are set to get clean water in three months’ time following the launch Sh20 million water project in the area.

The programme christened Min Arot Water Project in Ruri West Sub-location in Lambwe ward will involve the distribution of water from a borehole to residents in a number of villages.

The project is undertaken by the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Sanitation through the Lake Victoria South Water Works Development Agency.

Water Secretary in the Ministry Samuel Alima launched Sh17.5 million piping works after the completion of Sh2.5 million drilling.

The water will be distributed to a number of villages including Min Arot, Ogongo, Koyani, God Jope, and secondary schools such as Ambassador Pamela Mboya Girls.

The construction involves the installation of pipes, water tanks for distributing the water and construction of water collection points.

The water will be pumped using solar energy.

 “This project will pump 26 cubic meters of water per hour. It will be adequate for residents,” Alima said.

He said the project will also be a source of job opportunity for locals.

“Let the contractor hire locals for any work that they can do to ensure they also get money,” Alima added.

He said they started the project after learning that residents were depending on water from Lake Victoria which is more than 9km away, during dry seasons.

Alima said the project is aimed at improving health conditions of the area residents by eliminating communicable diseases rampant due to lack of clean water.

“Let residents cooperate with the contractor to ensure the project is implemented effectively,” he said.

Min Arot Water Project implementation Committee chairman William Otieno said the project will also boost locals’ income.

“Most of us rear livestock and this project will also be a source of water for them,” Otieno said.

Ruri West Assistant Chief Charles Oloo said his office will guard the project against vandalism.

The Ministry is also undertaking other water projects in Tweta and Ondiegi water pans within the constituency.