Fault lines appear within Solai

Panic has hit the residents of Solai as the newly constructed dam locally known as Nyaru Dam, abbreviated from Nyakinyua, and Ruiru farms in Solai Nakuru County developed a huge fault on 4th February at around 6 pm.

The fault lines were running below the Nyaru water pan, and some of the neighboring homesteads occasioned with deep cracks and soil slides, resulting in the loss of all the water in the dam and cracks in some houses.

A pit latrine also capsized in the process with another deep slide occurring in one parcel of land. There were no casualties at the scene where engineer Peter Bundotich from National Irrigation Board told the locals in the region to be cautious and probably search for a safer place as the investigations are carried out.

Nyaru dam was established to help residents of Ruiru and Nyakinyua in irrigation farming during the dry season since, at times, the area experiences more severe dry periods. It is not the first time the water in the dam had disappeared in the fault line as it had vanished before after the dam was completed. After the scenario, the local residents and leaders pleaded with the national government, leading to its refurbishing and upgrading.

“We had requested for the refurbishment of the dam which was done only late last year by National Irrigation Board and launched by then Agriculture and Irrigation CS Mwangi Kiunjuri as part of the Solai restoration program,” Area MCA Dr. Kibe Mbae said.

He added that it already had sufficient water following recent rains and he was planning to help the farmers set up greenhouses for agriculture through partners. Residents are now pleading with the government to ensure their safety and help them in relocating to another safe place as the investigations are carried out.

“The government should help us in finding a safer place till the area is confirmed safe by the experts to prevent any casualties,” Peter Murimi, a resident in Ruiru village, said. Engineer Bundotich said that they would involve other departments in investigating the scenario as it is suspected the dam lies on the volcanic line flowing from the nearby Menengai crater.

“We will work with experts from different departments like the geological department to see the way forward,” Bundotich said.