Do you sometimes feel like a failure? Don’t

A good number of young people in colleges often feel lost. They act as if they do not know why they are in school, are late in submitting their assignments, lack general enthusiasm to life and are withdrawn.

What I have noticed is that many, otherwise, capable students start feeling like failures at this stage. With little intervention from parents, school and concerned parties this could be costly.

I want to talk to individual students. Are you losing enthusiasm to life? Do you sometimes feel like a loser? Like you don’t amount to much. Are you always lonely or do you feel lost in a crowd? Suicidal maybe? You don’t have to feel that way.

Stop comparing yourself to anyone. If it makes you feel any better, I can assure you even those students who you think have their act together are fighting their own demons and insecurities. When you feel like a loser, remember that you finished primary school and secondary school, which are more demanding. If you feel like people don’t care, remember someone is paying for your school fees, and that is some level of care.

Start taking some responsibility and change. You can start fixing minor problems. Spread your bed. Wash utensils. Read a book, even if it is only a chapter but each day, have a goal to accomplish. There is always a friend willing to help you if you show enough willingness. If totally lost, speak to a counselor. Every school has one. Talk to a friend or a family member and confess to them your worst insecurities. They may not help, but they can point out to where you can find help. And that, seeking help, is a good place to start.