Bizarre traffic laws around the world

Imagine speeding on the wrong side of the road to a police road block, or getting behind the wheels under the influence of some sweet warm Johnie Walker? A handcuff and a night in some cold cell would be the result you would think of, right?

But did you know that there are countries with bizarre traffic rules that would make Kenyan laws God-sent?

Here they are:

Driving a dirty Car

Try hitting the streets with a muddy car in Russia, you could get arrested for driving around a dirty car. Get your bucket, sponge, water and soap out and clean as this offence can get you fined up to 2,000 rubles, around Sh3,090.40

Eating and drinking while driving

According to CyprusDrivng, eating a snack and drinking, including water, while you're on the wheel could get you arrested in Cyprus. Just a little sip of water or soda and you may think to yourself what happens next. But in the Eastern Mediterranean Island of Cyprus, eating anything similar to smokie pasua, sugarcane or mahindi choma while driving could result in a heavy fine of €85 (Sh9,709.52)

Failing to carry your Breathalyzer

Have you ever had to question yourself whether you are too drunk to drive or not? In France, all you need to do is to get a personal breathalyzer kit from your car to be sure. Failure to have one could cost you a fine of €11 (Sh1,256.53).

Riding with a drunk driver

In some instances, you might find yourself in a car with a drunk driver. "But officer, I did not know they were drunk." Such might be your go-to excuse here in Kenya. But in Japan, sober passengers are also arrested alongside the drunk drivers.

Using hand gestures

Here in Kenya, it is okay to wave while driving or to point at those annoying drivers. There is nothing that can clearly represents your anger towards those overlapping drivers or those that use wrong lanes other than raising your hands or pointing your fingers at them. But in Cyprus, you dare not to since it is a crime punishable by law.

Never run out of fuel

In Germany's Autobahn running out of fuel while driving down the road is considered a traffic offence. You're often advised to ensure that you have a full tank before you hit the road.

Drinking and driving

In Costa Rica, it is legal to have an alcoholic drink as you drive provided you do not get drunk. If the alcohol in your system surpasses the required o.75% then you might end up in jail for drunk-driving.