Man sues condom manufactures for contracting STI after condom burst during intercourse

A man has sued a condom manufacturing company for allegedly breaking up his marriage.

Williamson Nyakweba Omworo claims that on October 4, 2014 he had sex with a woman he met at a wedding party.

“I was fully aware of the dangers of having unprotected sex and decided to use my favourite brand called Zoom Scented, which I believed would please the woman and protect me fully," he claimed in court filings.

"But while I was having sexual intercourse (it) broke, a fact I only realised after the act,” he added.

About nine days after the incident, he noticed rashes on his private parts and pain while urinating, he said. He went to a traditional healer for herbal medicine to ease the pain, he added.

On his way to Nairobi on October 15, 2014, Mr Nyakweba stated that he fell ill and sought treatment. He was told he had contracted a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

“Two days later, my wife called to inform me that she had been infected with an STI. She accused me of being unfaithful and our relationship was strained afterwards. She became estranged and later left me for another man,” Nyakweba said.

He claimed that he became distressed and burdened with guilt, leading to a mental breakdown and alcoholism. He claimed that he also lost his job.

Nyakweba is seeking compensation from Beta Healthcare International Limited, the manufacturers of Zoom condoms.

His lawyer, Charles Gomba, accused Beta, the Kenya Bureau of Standards and the Kenya Revenue Authority of allowing sub-standard condoms to be used by Kenyan consumers

Mr Gomba submitted that the buzz created by the condom’s manufacturers had convinced Nyakweba to use the brand with his sexual partners in Nairobi, Naivasha, Nakuru, Kericho and Kisii.

“He even shared with his friends and recommended that his friends use the Zoom brand on the belief that they were premium condoms as advertised by the manufacturer,” said Gomba.

Nyakweba is seeking a declaration that his rights were violated and the company ordered to pay him special damages for alleged negligence that led him to contract an STI, being left by his wife and the psychological trauma that followed.