Former MP seeks to stop transfer of city estate to settle Sh2.1 billion debt

Benson Mutura Kangara

A former MP is in court to block the transfer of an estate to a State corporation to settle a Sh2.1 billion debt.

Benson Mutura argued that the transfer of Mariakani estate to Local Authorities Provident Fund (Lapfund) City Hall was irregular and unlawful as the estate was not among those earmarked by the defunct Nairobi City Council for disposal to settle debts.

“... even the (defunct) Transition Authority stopped the transfer but the county government has decided to act unlawfully (and is) in the process of finalising the transfer,” he said.

According to the former Makadara MP, estates marked for disposal to settle debts were Jamhuri, Ring Road and Jeevanjee. He said records obtained from City Hall showed there was no meeting that approved the transfer of Mariakani estate.

He said what the county government was doing violated the rights of thousands of tenants.

“There has never been any audit to establish the indebtedness of the county government,” said Mutura.