Mother of three admits throwing baby into bush

The baby was rescued from the bush at Kanyadet Sub-location in Gem sub-county. [Courtesy]

A woman has pleaded guilty to throwing her baby in a bush in Siaya County.

Elizabeth Achieng, a mother of three, made the shocking admission yesterday before Bondo Principal Magistrate Moses Obiero. 

Achieng, who is facing charges of neglecting her child, said her first marriage from which she got two children, broke up.

“We broke up and I got another man with whom I got another child,” said the 28-year-old. 

Another man

She told the court she threw away the two-month-old baby for fear that her first husband would reject her if he found out that she had given birth to another man’s baby. 

The baby was rescued from the bush at Kanyadet Sub-location in Gem sub-county on February 26 by a passer-by.

Achieng pleaded with the court to grant her a light sentence, saying she has two other children to raise.  

But the prosecution, which acknowledged that Achieng has no criminal record, objected to her request, saying she willfully and unlawfully abandoned her infant child, causing him unnecessary suffering. 

The matter will be mentioned on May 24.