Grandmother killed as wall collapses in Bondo

An 85-year-old grandmother died at Minya village South Sakwa location in Bondo sub-county after her mud-walled house fell on her following a heavy downpour in the region last night.

According to the area Chief Mr. Patrick Obilo, the deceased Mama Suslia Olang'o is said to have met her untimely death when the house which had become weak, collapsed following the heavy rains which was accompanied by a windstorm.

The administrator, who spoke to The Standard on phone, stated that the granny’s body was found covered under the fallen wall of that house after she is suspected to have sustained injuries which led to her instant death.

 Mr Obilo, who revealed that the elderly woman had been staying alone in that house.

"Her two sons had built their homes away from their parent's home and made it difficult to detect the incident immediately," he said.

He further stated that rescue operation was complicated with the heavy storm.

The administrator, who confirmed the ill-fated incident, stated that the body was discovered by the granny’s grandson a few hours later before he raised alarm after which they called the police.   

The body has since been removed to Bondo sub-county hospital mortuary to await post-mortem.