Open letter to Kenyans to conduct peaceful general election

Dear Kenyans,

I would wish to bring to your attention the need to establish a cohesive, conducive and tolerable atmosphere during the electioneering and post - election periods. Currently, the great nation is anticipating an important event that will inform the future of Kenyans. Of course, for a nation to grow democratically, people must be granted the mantle to exercise their individual rights in order to choose their preferred candidates to occupy an amalgam of political seats. This initiative is geared up by the mandates of democracy as enshrined in the constitution of Kenya. Therefore, Kenyans are obliged to maintain peace and stability during this period.

Since the inception of multi-party system, Kenya has enjoyed freedom of association that led to the formation many political parties. These parties represent the interests and ideologies of Kenyans, hence the need to be accorded with utmost respect and support by the entire country. Conversely, the multi-party system came along with ethnicity, the lead syndrome which has centre stage in national politics. Furthermore, the interplay among major political parties and alliances is informed by ethnicity and the number behind each tribal factions. The game has denied the liberal minded Kenyans the authority to vote in leaders with integrity. It is high time for Kenyans to learn from their past mistakes and living up to correct those mistakes will serve as a monumental precedence in the wake of national transformation.

Nonetheless, it is imperative for all politicians and the entire Kenyan fraternity to promote peace, love and unity as the nation honorably anticipate to cast their votes. Independent state institutions including but not limited to Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) should ensure credible, transparent and peaceful general elections. As a patriot Kenyan, promote peace, adapt love and scale down harmony for the good of the entire nation. Thank you.