Knec order on certificates is likely to affect many people

Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) has stopped the replacement of lost, defaced and burnt certificates. Anyone requiring replacement would instead be given a notification sheet indicating that he or she sat the examination in question.


This is unbelievable. How can an institution tasked with administering and issuing certificates decide on its own that it will not issue certificates anymore and that is its core function?

Knec has also stopped the remarking of candidates’ answer scripts after the release of results and banned late registration of candidates. Can the examination council come up with laws which will affect the whole country and be binding?


What of students who genuinely lost certificates in fires and robbery etc and they want to pursue studies outside Kenya, will those notification sheets be admissible in the foreign institutions? Let this directive be rescinded and all stakeholders be given a chance to air their views on the matter.


No country has ever given notification sheet,why Kenya? These notification sheets are only issued at birth.