I am just thinking out loud, with tears running down my face. I have so much to say about my country I just need help in prioritizing. Not because I cannot do it myself but because it has been hard for my country to figure out the order in which to prioritize things.

About five years ago, I sat down and watched the premiere of the presidential debate. It was classic, promising and assuring.
The zeal, zest, and gusto put in by the candidates were explainable. I knew for sure here is a group of brilliant minds ready to bring change to this country.

The election went by and the president was elected.In the first year of his five-year term, we experienced the new energy having to adapt to 47 new governments …, we must be a special people.

I personally feel the new constitution was a good idea executed at the wrong time. We are a third world country trying to better our economy yet operating under a first world set of rules.

 If only we invested a little time in reading before believing, maybe, just maybe we would have done a lot good for ourselves.

This is not only about political issues but biblical as well. The very many political positions created were suicidal.

 We can all agree that politicians are the least industrious people in this country but at the same time earn the most out of the tax payer’s money. What I have never understood is why the Salaries and Remuneration Commission has never leveled up salaries against work done.

It breaks my heart to see the living conditions of our police officers; it tears me up when I watch people die of hunger in one county while I see food go bad in another county.

Sometimes I pray it is a nightmare that these areas have representations in the august house. It’s been a little over 50 years since we attained independence, despite industrialization and modern technology; we have greatly failed at balancing out.

We are happy, we have electricity supply in the villages, I wish we also spent some time in capacity building and letting the unemployed youth what projects they could set up using this supply that would help them earn a living.

Our watchdogs, on the other hand, have decided to sell sensations. Thanks to you the world sees the worst in us.

If we spent more time covering and discovering new attractions in the country, maybe our tourism industry would be flourishing, if we had a show to air innovative ideas, maybe most youths wouldn’t be jobless and maybe just maybe, we would have investors fund these ideas.

 We cannot keep airing the youths at moments when our demi-gods have called them for mass action; no it will not help them.
 It’s very saddening to go to a media house social media house and the story being highlighted is that of a 90-year-old man marrying a 20-year-old lady.

This is because the more we read the more we think it is okay and it never ends. Let’s create more broadcast time for stories that will save this country.

 If you’ve lived long enough to see this day, and how our politicians campaign, the way they come begging for your vote, do you still doubt how powerful you are? That’s for you to ponder over.