Nairobi Hospital in deal to offer low-cost cancer treatment

Nairobi Hospital has announced a partnership with the Rwandan Government to provide low-cost cancer treatment to needy patients.

The partnership will be implemented through Partners in Health (PIH) Rwanda and supported by the Rwandan High Commission in Nairobi. PIH will pay for all services offered by Nairobi Hospital on behalf of patients.

This will enable between 100 and 150 Rwandan cancer patients access treatment every year. Since the Memorandum of Understanding was signed, more than 25 patients have been served, with others currently undergoing treatment at the hospital. From 2005, PIH has been supporting the Rwandan government to bring high quality health care to three districts that previously had some of the country’s worst outcomes.

PIH also supports the Butaro Hospital cancer Care Center in northern rural Rwanda, which is the only cancer centre in the country that offers comprehensive cancer care to patients. Since Rwanda does not yet have a radiation therapy unit, patients are now referred to Nairobi Hospital at a discounted price.

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