Magistrate runs away after AP opens fire during court proceedings

Magistrate and accused suspects scampered for safety when an Administration police officer opened fire as the hearing was proceeding in an open session at Kathangachini market in Tharaka Nithi County.

Sergeant Nathan Erupe stormed the venue armed with a G3 riffle and fired in the air twice scaring the entire gathering, before rushing to the market where he angrily dispersed traders as he fired severally in the air.

Police watched helplessly as the officer acted madly, while fearing he would turn the fire on them.

The errant officer became uncontrollable even as his colleagues attempted to seduce him to drop the riffle.

At the same time, five suspects who were facing charges escaped but two of them were later arrested.

Speaking to the Standard on phone, Gatunga OCPD Mr Hesbon Kadenge said it was not clear why the officer behaved in such a manner.

"We used our tactics to corner him since we feared he might spray us with bullets," he said.

“However we are continuing with investigations to establish the motive behind the shooting after which we will take him to court,” he added.

The incident comes barely a month after another police officer based at Gatunga Police Station stabbed a colleague with a knife twice.

The officer reportedly snatched the colleague’s pistol and started hunting for another senior officer in Gatunga police station.

The officer was also arrested and taken to court.

Mr Kadenge, who suggested that the officer might have been stressed, advised them to be open to dialogue whenever they have challenges rather than resulting to deadly missions.