Standard three pupil defiled and impregnated in Kisumu

A Standard three pupil in Miwani, Kisumu County was defiled by her 40-year-old neighbor and is now expecting his baby.

Social workers and nurses at a local hospital confirmed that the girl was five months pregnant following frequent sexual assaults by the neighbour who has since gone into hiding.

The girl, who lives with her father and her younger brother in Muhoroni Sub County within Kisumu County, has not received any post-defilement care since the sexual abuse began.

The girl’s family says the perpetrator lured her to his house, which is adjacent to theirs, on the pretence that he wanted her to prepare him a cup of tea as his wife had already left for her work place.

It was not long before she was attacked again, this time in the man's maize farm.

Her father had no idea that his daughter was being attacked and became concerned when her belly began to swell.

"I wake up at 5am to leave for work and I only see my son and daughter in the evening when I return so I do not have much time to talk to them," said the father.

Last Sunday, he said he took the child to Chemelil Junction to have the mother check on her. The couple, who are separated, agreed that the girl needed urgent medical attention and therefore took her to Miwani Dispensary where she was confirmed pregnant after which they reported defilement to the local police station.

"That evening I confronted the neighbour who is a father of seven to find out why he had defiled my daughter, but he denied it," said the father. The suspect went into hiding shortly after.

A Senior Police Officer, however, said they do not have facts of the incident and cannot therefore make any arrests. He said the investigations will not begin until the P3 and the Post Rape Care forms are filled.

"When we make arrest we are required to take the suspects to court within 24 hours but as it is we do not have the facts to charge him," said the officer.