Parents fight over where to bury victim of underage pregnancy

Parents of a minor who died of pregnancy related complications are fighting over where to bury her.

The dispute over who between the deceased's step-father Tumbo Kazungu Tsori and her unidentified biological father should bury Kadzo Kazungu now threatens to delay the burial. Medical experts will conduct an autopsy tomorrow to determine the cause of her death.

Yesterday we established that Kadzo's mother Kafedha Kadenga had declared that Tumbo was not Kadzo's biological father, and wants her buried in the home of the man she (Kafedha) was married to before she met Tumbo.

But Tumbo insists he has the right to bury the girl as he raised her since she was a child. Significantly, Tumbo was the one who reported to police when the girl was defiled and impregnated by a married man who police are yet to arrest.

Tumbo is the one who accompanied Kadzo's body from Ganze Sub-District Hospital to Kilifi County Referral Hospital for autopsy.

Tumbo, who is illiterate, admits he does not know Kadzo's age but suspects she was 17 years old. She died while in Standard Five at Mutsanganyiko Primary School. Tumbo does not remember when he married Kafedha either.

The Director of Children Services in Kilifi Maurice Tsuma said the late Kadzo's age is still unknown. Initial accounts said she died aged 10. This was revised to 12 and 13 with police recording that she was "a minor under 18".

"Since the girl died due to pregnancy complications after an alleged defilement, it is important to conduct the age assessment to know her actual age for a smooth follow up of the case with the police and finally in court," said Mr Tsuma.

Yesterday Mutsanganyiko sub-chief Moses Chitole said: "I have received a report that the father and mother of the deceased are having differences about where to bury her. The mother claims when she married Tsori (Tumbo) she was pregnant by another man."