Poets’ Corner: Kuleleshwa

Somebody somewhere is screaming
About what Netflix is screening.
His hairline is thinning,
His sight for involuntarily dimming
He can’t believe what he’s seeing
On the evening news.

Is that his very ‘Project’
Whose virginity he vowed to protect
Bouncing up and down like a rubber object
On his TV screen?
Isn’t that the place he was seen
Last night as a very drunken being
Trying to commit the same sin?
“No! No! No! No! No!
It must be a different scene”

He shouts to the wife
While pointing at the telly.
“Ona vitu your daughter antuonyesha
Huko Kileleshwa
Is that what you taught her?”
“How do you know it’s Kileleshwa?”
Mama Wambo asks.
“Nilipita huko jana na wazee kuleleshwa”