PSC offers hope to unemployed graduates

Job suitability for Kenyan university graduates has been deteriorating and hence questioned by employees in the corporate world. The reason behind this mystery is that graduates have scanty skills and thus unfit for many jobs which demand immense practical skills. Currently, the job market is recruiting competent and passionate graduates who are capable of introducing new skills contrary to been redundant. University graduates have been incessantly locked out of job interviews because of the job skills required.  In fact, it was revealed some of the diploma graduates can perform better in job market than university graduates. University graduates are only exposed to a three-month attachment which is inadequate for them to gain enough skills. To add insult to injury, some universities offer practical courses which are lacking facilities and this sorely contributes to production of half-baked graduates.

I earnestly thank the PSC officials who came up with the idea of attaching unemployed graduates come next year. The internships which will be running for one year will contribute enormously towards furnishing the graduates with abundant skills, which employers are yearning to see from them. Again, the stipends which will be given on monthly basis will boost morale of the unemployed graduates and cater for their up keep. I beseech the graduates who are still tarmacking to take this urgently and treat it with all seriousness it deserves. Internships will be stepping stones to their employment avenues because with practical experience, the graduates will have better chances of securing jobs.