Arrogant Comrade, Peel off That Scaly Skin!

Barely a month and half ago you were shouting all over campus with folds of threats and hauls of insults directed to the Higher Education Loans Board. Then, someone would pity you because of how aggressive you were. But it doesn't always go unnoticed; under the beautiful rose, lies a serpent.

Your grievances were honored but what followed? You were again heard shouting, this time drunk of rum, whiskey and any other alcoholic substance that came your way. You slowly turned your body into a testing laboratory. Even the dreaded chang'aa brewer counts on you while making his brew. What went wrong? You complain of the corrupt society but you have corrupted your brains more.

Miss. Comrade you are not left out. You still have a portion of this deadly pie. You have found yourself a ‘sponsor’ and now you are updated with the trending stuff in town. You are up to date with the recent clubs, news of who has dumped who, who is dating who and who offered what to who.

This is all happening while the government is trying to secure you at least a third of its vacancies but you use any free second you have to complicate your life. If someone would ask, what if your parent or guardian pays you an impromptu visit on a Friday evening or a Saturday morning? Leave alone Sunday afternoon, your most tempting times. Would you have the courage to explain what you had been doing?

‘Team mafisi’ chairman and your followers, you have mastered it all. You eye every female freshman with lusty eyes trying to lure them into your deadly maze. You carried the traits of your great grandfather who instead of joining other men in the forest to fight for freedom, concentrated on women and ended up betraying the society. Is that still what you intend to do?

Ancient habits successively passed to you have no power over you. Change is inevitable if the future has to be faced by a rational mind. Socrates, a Greek philosopher once said, “Know thyself.” He continued to add, “Better the life of a pig than an examined life.” This brings us to the concept of relating the current and its relevance to the future. Who doesn't miss the times when universities were fountains of knowledge and wisdom. The great thinkers of today and past were not just baked, but manufactured! I rest my case.