Beware of effects of unprotected sex

Recently, I was going through a story in one of the local dailies about why most men hate using condoms and the reasons they gave made me fidget.

The article gave a list of 10 blunt excuses that are used by men to lure women into having unprotected sex. One of the craziest reasons was that there was no natural sweetness in it.

We can stop unprotected sex by abstaining until after marriage.

That reminds me of a recent argument by a group of women friends if there still existed virgins in this 21st century. Yes, I believe virgins still exist, and in fact, a very good number of them.

I also read another article on the internet of a 54-year-old woman who was complaining of still being a virgin. I mean, why was she complaining in the first place when some of us keep wishing that we never let it go.

A modern campus girl will shamelessly tell you that life starts at 20 and that she should keep testing the ‘waters’.

I believe sex is not a “must do” for the unmarried but if you have to do it, then kindly just use protection. This goes out to men who think “going raw” isn’t sweet. My friend, the day you will lie down on that sick bed is when you will realise “going raw” is bitter. And if you think those conditions are too harsh, just abstain.