Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi blames parents for indiscipline

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi addressing the press during a consultative meeting on how to enhance and strengthen engagement between Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MODEST) and key Stakeholders in Education with a view to provide quality services in Kenya at Kenya Institute of Education. (PHOTO: JENIPHER WACHIE)

Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi has challenged parents to take full responsibility in instilling discipline and nurturing their children.

Prof Kaimenyi said most parents, especially fathers, had failed to counsel their children resulting in immoral behaviour like was recently witnessed in Kirinyaga when students going home for August holidays were caught with alcohol, drugs and engaging in sex on a bus last week.

Speaking at the Mount Kenya University on Saturday, Kaimenyi urged parents to reach out to their children and provide them with the requisite guidance and counselling so that they can overcome the allure of anti-social behaviour.

"There is no need for parents to use much of their time looking for money whereas their children are getting lost in immoral behaviour," said Kaimenyi.

Not implicated

The CS said school unrest had reached alarming levels and the ministry was considering holding a conference with parents, teachers and other stakeholders to reign in the vice.

"I also urge the children of this nation to know that their parents and the Government are sacrificing a lot to see them through schools and they should desist from behaviour that distracts everybody from their mandate," said the CS.

Meanwhile, Kanjuri Boys' Principal Joseph Nguyo has denied his students were among those who were on board the ill fated 'Cash Money Millionaire' bus.

Mr Nguyo told The Standard that he was one of the principals who were called by the police to pick up their students at the Kiangwaci Police Patrol Base last Thursday.

"I was pleasantly surprised that none of my students were on the bus when I got to the Police base but my school was still included in the media reports the next day," said Nguyo.

The principal said that this was confirmed when the students were asked by the police to make a list of their names and schools.

The errant students were from Mukurwe-ini Boy', Kibirigwi Girls' and Kanyama secondary schools.

Nguyo said he blamed a letter written by his colleague at Kanyama Secondary School to the Nyeri County Director of Education for the misleading press reports.