CORD leaders should work hand in hand with Jubilee Government, stop the sideshows

Both the opposition and the ruling party should team up to fight against the matters of insecurity and corruption in the country. Since they are the top parties with the most popular and able leaders, they should not portray any dignity of division to the ruled citizens.

The two parties are known for their great rivalry and this is almost dividing Kenyans. CORD party has been blaming Jubilee government for the continuous terror attacks and even accusing it of failing to achieve its manifesto. Raila, Kalonzo and Wetangula should bear in mind that jubilee government is not the cause of terror attacks in Kenya and understand that Al-shaabab attacked Kenya for the first time in 2011 while they were both in the government. Did they put it to a stop?, No. 

   To settle this, both Jubilee government and CORD should work together to fight the challenges Kenya is facing; insecurity and corruption being at the top of the list. Government is a family and once the heads of the family are always in disagreement, the children loses hope in their family.

I would therefore urge the both parties to sit together and make ties of brotherhood and promise to work together instead of politicing the challenges we as a country we are facing at the moment.