Kenya donates Sh91 million to Malawi flood victims

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho

Nairobi: Kenya has donated Sh91 million to Malawi flood victims, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho has said.

Sending the condolences to the victims and wishing a quick recovery to those affected, Kibicho said Kenya identifies with the people and the Government of malawi over the unexpected disaster that has befallen the country.

“We commiserate with the people of Malawi following unexpected flooding that has killed and rendered thousand others homeless. Kenya is offering a little hand to help in humanitarian effort that the country now faces,” said kibicho Friday morning.

Kibicho said the money had already been transmitted to Malawi Embassy in Nairobi. Although humanitarian efforts are already underway, continuing rain is making rescue operations hard.

More than 200 people have been killed and 200,000 displaced by torrential rain and flooding, which got the Malawi by surprise. Although Malawi faces floods every year, this year’s have come early and in intensity not seen in the recent past.

Large areas in the south of the country remain underwater. Homes are submerged and crops and livestock have been swept away.