Ugandan authorities urge Kenya to seize illegal firearms from pastoralists

Ugandan authorities have called on the Kenyan government to carry out disarmament in pastoral regions where civilians own illegal firearms.

The officials were speaking during the commemorations of Lokiriama Peace Accord attended by delegates from Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya at Lokiriama located at the Kenya-Uganda border.

Ugandan Minister of State for Energy and Mineral Development, Peter Lokeris said the Kenyan government has not seized the firearms yet the people are willing to surrender them.

"The people are willing to surrender illegal firearms in their possession but the government has not taken the initiative of seizing them," Lokeris claimed.

Lokeris added that if a person is not willing to surrender any illegal gun, then the government should forcefully disarm them just as it was done in Uganda.

"Those who refuse to bring the guns should be forced to do so. Even in Uganda, they were forced to do so and they are now enjoying the peace and stability that we have achieved in our country," Lokeris added.

Kotido District Vice Chairperson, Rose Mamoe Chila said Kenya should learn from Ugandan government on how to undertake the disarmament process.

"I urge the Kenyan government to learn from Uganda on how to disarm civilians with illegal arms," Chila said.

The vice chairperson further noted that if the Kenyan government wants its people to live peacefully, then they should disarm those in possession of illegal weapons.