Over 60, 000 facing starvation in Samburu

By Boaz Kipngeno

Samburu, Kenya: Over 60,000 people in Samburu County are in dire need of emergency relief food as drought persists.

According to the Kenya Red Cross Society, residents are facing serious food shortage especially in Samburu North and Samburu East regions.

Kenya Red Cross Society Coordinator for Samburu County Gitonga Mugambi said the relief food being distributed by the National government is too little and targets only a smaller population.

He added that the region has been hit by hunger as a result of prolonged drought due to delayed rainfall.

“The national government distributes only 400 bags in three months to about seven per cent of the total population in the county whereas a bigger percentage is still facing hunger,” Mugambi said.

Although the World Food Programme also distribute relief food in the region through various agencies, the food is still insufficient and do not reach most families facing hunger.

“WFP distributed food last month but they are now in off season and the situation is still bad because the rains have delayed and livestock are not nolonger productive,” Gitonga added.

Samburu County Commissioner Wilfred Nyagwanga said the national government did not distribute any relief food during the months of February and March because there was no food.

 “Food might not be sufficient but there is a technical committee who are assessing the situation especially in Samburu North and Samburu East Sub-counties as we wait for more food,” he said Tuesday.