‘Strange object’ falling from the sky sets house ablaze

By Boaz Kipngeno

Kuresoi, Kenya: Residents of Kibaraa in Kuresoi are still in shock after a suspected meteoroid fell from the sky hitting a house loudly before blasting into flames.

Jane Sitonik said she saw an object at around 7.30p.m on Thursday evening fell from the sky and hit her house. She was heading home from a nearby posho mill.

She said she screamed and fell down since her three children were inside the house at the time.

“I fell down not knowing how to rescue my three children who were inside and the house was brought down immediately my children were outside,” shocked Sitonik said Friday.

She described the object as disintegrated flames having a head and a tail like a snake.

Samuel arap Sitienei , a neighbour, said he heard the loud burst and screaming and his family too abandoned the evening meal to witness the rare incident which he says was like lightning.

“We are just sorry for what happened and fortunately no one was injured,” he told The Standard.

Mary Kisortich who saw the object at the end of the village also described it as a snake-like burning cloud.

“I thought it was a bomb and I asked God to save us,” said Mary adding that the whole village, amid screams, became very bright for a short time.

“I thought God had come,” Mary added.

According to Sitonik, one child who was among three others inside the house, sustained minor injuries while being rushed outside to safety.

Kuresoi Police Boss David Wambua said police officers who rushed to inspect the fallen star did not find any debris left from the object.

“Officers tried to search for any remains or pieces of the object but they could not trace it,” said Wambua. But residents said it was too early to search for any remains as the house was still burning.