Governors in plan to take over Nacada


Kenya: The national drug control agency, now being investigated over fraud, is in more trouble with governors planning to take over most of its functions and cutting off its financial lifeline.

Nairobi County has prepared its own parallel but similar alcohol control regulations to run alongside the Mututho laws, which could now have consumers, retailers, distributers and manufacturers answering to multiple authorities.

On Monday, the Nairobi County Government in a notice in a local daily gave the public until Monday next week to present their views on a proposed alcohol control Bill for the city.

The Nairobi City Country Alcoholics Drinks Control and Licensing Bill 2014, has already gone through the first reading at the country assembly and now the latter is seeking public views for consideration.

The Bill, if adopted and copied by other counties, could become a major headache especially for manufacturers and distributors who would have to apply for licences from the national body as well as in all the counties they wish to operate in.

The proposed Nairobi City Country Alcoholics Drinks Control and Licensing Bill 2014 as well as the national Alcoholic Drinks Control Act, 2010 demand that nobody can manufacture, distribute or retail any alcoholic drink without their licences.

The Bill posted online last week will have similar structures with those of the National Agency for the Campaign against Drug Abuse.