100,000 people face starvation in Samburu


Over 100,000 people are in urgent need of food in various parts of Samburu County as hunger bites.

The worst hit areas include Baragoi, Nachola Lesirkan, Waso Rongai, Kawap, Tuum, Barsaloi and Marti.

Others are Serolipi, Swari, Lodung’okwe and Ndonyo Wasin.

According to Samburu County Commissioner Wilfred Nyagwanga, a total of 56,000 residents had been hit by the food shortage by last month.

“So many people are suffering in Samburu North and East because of the drought and the communal conflict that led to displacement of over 10,000 from 1,700 households,” said Nyagwanga.

He added the Government will only supply 1,500 bags of maize and 600 bags of beans to Samburu County.